Lives and works in London, UK

Born in 1981, From Adana, Turkey




2014-2016: Central Saint Martins, MA Fine Art, London

2009-2010: Greenwich University, MA Cinematography and Post Production, London

2003-2009: Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication, Journalism, Istanbul/Turkey

2000-2002: Harran University, Vocational College of Higher Education, Radio&TV Broadcasting Programme, Urfa/Turkey


Solo Show

​2020 - There He Is Without A Proper Diagnosis, LOA Gallery, London, UK

2019 – The Landscape of Perpetual Flags, Casa dell’Arte, Lisbon, Portugal

2018 - Army Time Memoir, Curated by Roshanak Khakban, The Emerging Artists Gallery, London, UK

2018 - #2953c1 When it is not Spontaneous, Collaboration with Kolbrún Inga Söring, Sagacity, Brussels, Belgium

2017 - #276331054 - Story Provided If Wanted, Collaboration with Kolbrún Inga SöringListastofan Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland

2017 - There He Is Without A Proper Diagnosis, Peckham Pelican, London, UK

2017 - 50.065.07 Red Never Apologises For Being Red - Collaboration with Kolbrún Inga Söring - SIOUSIOU Studios, Berlin, Germany

2015 - Army Time Memoir, Performance at Royal Academy, London, UK

Group Shows

2020 - Life, Interrupted Curated by Tugba Tirpan, SEAS Gallery, Brighton, UK

2020 - Isolation Mastered, JD Malat Gallery, London, UK

2020 - Wild Wild Æst, Organised by Æther, The Hague, Netherlands

2020 - Opencreek Shownight, Museum Angewandte Kunst. Frankfurt, Germany


2019 - Performance, Testimony, Performance Reihi Neu-Oerliken, Zurich, Switzerland

2019 - State of Existence, Well Space Community, London, UK

2019 - A Field to Getting Lost, Anesis Cinema, Aegina, Greece. 

2019 - Bodies in Alliance / Bodies in Defiance, Monitor/Rotor2, Göteborg, Sweden

2019 - Performance, Testimony, Space (BYOP), London, UK

2019 - ThirdBase Art Residency end show, Lisbon, Portugal

2019 - Silkworms (Photo Performance) ArtAnkara Art Fair, Ankara, Turkey


2018 - OF POSSIBLE CONFIGURATIONS, Curated by Roshanak Khakban, A-side B-side Gallery, London, UK

2018 - Performance, Curated by Mirek Macke & Elizabeth Coleman-Link, Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt, Germany

2018 - Missing Element, Hosted by Agora Art Circle, as part of Wandsworth Arts FringeArt Lacuna, London, UK

2018 - Every Me / Her Bir Ben, Martch Art Projects, Istanbul Turkey

2018 - Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Shortlist Exhibition, The Emerging Artists Gallery, London, UK

2018 - Screening: Soul of Things, Gallery Oryza, Obihiro, Hakkaido, Japan

2018 - Performance, SUPERMARKET Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

2018 - Sonorous Symmetry, Samt Volume2, Online Exhibition  

2018 - Sawt (2a): Qala 0.8900 @Satellite Art Space, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, UAE

2018 - River In An Ocean, Lahore Biennale, Lahore, Pakistan

2018 - Performance, ArtAnkara Art Fair, Ankara, Turkey

2018 - Screening: Transcending species, Transcending gender, Transcending nations, Deptford Cinema, London, UK


2017 – To Play, Curated by Pathfinders, Hosted by Sagacity, Brussels, Belgium

2017 - Every Me / Her Bir Ben, London, UK

2017 - The Intimacy of Banality, KEX Studios, Reykjavík, Iceland

2017 - AiR Competition - Summer Group Show, The Muse at 269 - Gallery / Studio, London, UK

2017 - Process Space Art Festival, Russe, Bulgaria

2017 - Platform Projects, Independent Art Fair, Athens, Greece

2017 - Antennae, Lubomirow/Angus–Hughes Gallery, London, UK

2017 - Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, Made In Arts, London, UK

2017 - Red Mansion Foundation Art Prize Exhibition, Kendrew Barn, Oxford, UK


2016 - Hiding In Plain Sight, Mori&Stein Gallery, London, UK

2016 - Act of Searching Closely, ASC Gallery, London, UK

2016 - No Way Out, Red Gate Studios, Beijing, China

2016 - SHE, Exploring The Construct of Femininity, Ugly Duck, Tanner Street, London, UK

2016 - #32 Annual Open, CGP Gallery, London, UK

2016 - SELF/CONTROL, Co-Thinking About Future, Punctum Gallery, London, UK

2016 - DO, UNDO, REDO, Degree Show-Central Saint Martins, The Crossing, London, UK

2016 - Part of Us, Auction and Exhibition, Central Saint Martins, London, UK

2016 - Metaphonica 2, The Street, London, UK


2015 - Creative Debuts, The Black and White Building, London, UK

2015 - Remember Nature - A Day of Action with Gustav Metzger, The Street, London, UK

2015 - Art Auction, Lethaby Gallery, London, UK

2015 - Paradox Exhibition, Berlin, Germany

2015 - Paradox Biennial, Reactivating Central Poznan, Poland

2015 - AESTIVATION, Archway Studios, London, UK

2015 - Great Space, Central Saint Martins, London, UK

2015 - You're the Reason our Kids are Ugly, Interim show, The Laundry, London, UK

2015 - Metaphonica 1, The Crossing, London, UK

2015 - Big Space IV, The Street, London, UK

2015 - We Like You, The Rag Factory, London, UK

Curatorial and Work Experiences


2020 - Self in Transit, Tuğba Tirpan solo exhibition, Cable Depot, London, UK

2019 - Curator of Every Me Exhibition, ThirdBase, Lisbon, Portugal

2018 - Curator of Every Me / Her Bir Ben: Residency/Exhibition, Arkeology Museum, Adana, Turkey

2017 - Curator of Every Me / Her Bir Ben: Residency/Exhibition, The Golden Boll Culture and Art Centre, Adana, Turkey

2017 - Performer, Spinal Discipline by Irena Haiduk, Documenta14, Kassel, Germany

2017 - Performer, Carved To Flow by Otobong Nkanga, Documenta14, Kassel, Germany

2016 - Curator, Hiding In Plain Sight, Mori&Stein Gallery, London, UK

2015 - Workshops with Isaac Julien and Mark Nash in 56th Venice Biennale


Fellowships and Funds


2020 – Participant of Deconstruction: Art and Ecology curated by Art Elsewhere and Are, London, UK

2020 - Freelands Foundation Emergency Fund, a-n The Artists Information Company, London, UK

2018 - Académie Session 5 GERMINATION directed by Otobong Nkanga at RAW Material Company, Dakar, Senegal

2017 - Scholarship for the project ‘Story provided if wanted’ by Listastofan Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland




2018 - Awarded for The Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize as  ‘Highly Commended Artist’, London, UK

2017 - Shortlisted for AiR Competition Studio Award, The Muse at 269 - Gallery / Studio, London, UK

2016 - Winner of Red Mansion Art Prize, UK/China

2015 - Selected to perform at Royal Academy conjunction with Ai Weiwei exhibition, UK




2019 - ThirdBase Art Residency, Lisbon, Portugal

2018 - Montez Performance Residency, Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt, Germany

2018 - Sagacity Residency, Brussels, Belgium (Collaboration with Kolbrún Inga Söring)

2018 - HighHouse Residency, Norfolk, UK (Collaboration with Kolbrún Inga Söring) 

2017 - Artist In Residence, Process Space Art festival, Russe, Bulgaria

2017 - Studio Residency, Micro Nation: The Forth Culture Residency, SIOUSIOU Studios, Berlin, Germany

2015 - Artist in Residence, Paradox Biennial, Poznan, Poland



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2017 - Click HERE for online publication of #276331054 - Story Provided If Wanted

2017 - Click HERE for online publication of 50.065.07 Red Never Apologises For Being Red


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