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Extraneous Objects



Medium: Photograph 

Dimensions: 30X40cm



This series of photographs show people from Adana looking at objects which have been placed on a plinth.


Since leaving St Martins, I have thought a lot about the role of contemporary art in different societies and cultures. These concerns come to the foreground when I go back to my hometown in Turkey. I find it difficult to tell my family about what I do in London. The contemporary issues I explore seem less relevant to their lives and its difficult for them to relate to the work I produce.


I wanted to explore the idea of contemporary sculpture and my family. The relationship between the object and a person creates a symbolic status and a social structure which links to my background. People left their habitual identities and ordinary circumstances to achieve an anonymous simplicity by participating in a studio setting. This meeting describes an intriguing relationship between the power of an object and the objectification of the figure.

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