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Objects of Superstition


Medium: Photograph ​

Year: 2018


Every object records the past. They outlive us and tell the story we pass on to the future. They describe how we lived, what we used, how they changed and, perhaps, disappeared over time.


I am interested in reaching to an understating through objects’ history, place and use, and the superstitions attached to them. On a daily basis we see a lot of objects, but how much are we aware of their meanings while we use them? How does that differ from one culture to another? In Adana, we have our own way of communicating through objects and, although just superstitions, they certainly affect peoples’ habits.


In this still life series, I focused on objects that are familiar in everyday use, but which have hidden meanings. For example, upside down slippers bring bad luck, open scissors create problems at home and passing a knife from one hand to another (without leaving it on a table) creates fights. Also, cutting your nails during the evening calls the evil eye whilst pouring melted mercury into cold water scares it away. In addition, tying a green piece of holy cloth on your wrist protects you from evil souls and burning holy scent in the house protects the whole house.


Although these rituals seem foolish, I still find myself observing them, even though I don’t believe them. This becomes an everyday act; automatic conditioning.

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