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Medium: Installation with found objects and photographs

Year: 2016


Recovery is an accumulative installation comprising of unwanted objects collected from London’s streets over the period of a week. The installation was specifically created for the exhibition 'Acts of Searching Closely'. During the show, the ASC gallery provided a platform for artists to answer questions: ‘how do you fill a space’ and ‘how will we remember now’?


My response to those questions evolved through my interest of found objects and their influences in the changing life of our possessions. Every time I walk through the streets of North London, I see a lot of unwanted objects; sofas, tables, chairs, pillows, frames, books, plants, clothes and so on: things that once had a connection to people, things that improved their lives, inherited or bought, emotionally attached then discarded.


The installation is functioning as a space to sit and relax as well as distort our memory through random objects. During this project I tried to repair, paint, assemble these objects in an effort to make them desirable again. Although these object don’t link to each other I tried to create a room in which all of the objects had a connection: they were all found in a very small area in a short period of time.


I created a narrative through asking ‘who owned these items?’ This then helped me to recycle past events, connotations, and memories in order to make claims about unknown persons’ past. I was interested in the questions of: could this experiment create a history of someone who wasn’t there? Could all these unconnected items help us to imagine one story?

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