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50.065.07 Red Never Apologises For Being Red

Year: 2017

Medium: Installation, Performance, Berlin, Germany

Video Duration: 3'13''

50.065.07 Red Never Apologises For Being Red is the first living installation by artists Mustafa Boga and Kolbrun Inga Soring under their ongoing project; 'The Fourth Culture - A Micro Nation'. The work discusses a critical view on societies mirror, how we view ourselves through the eyes of the other, and how one should never have to apologise for their existence.

The work was created for @SiOUSiOU and curated by Yu'an Huang. 

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‘The fourth culture’ is a collaboration between two artist Mustafa Boğa (Adana, Turkey, 1981) and Kolbrún Inga Söring (Keflavik, Iceland, 1988). We come from very different upbringings, however our visual language and theoretical interest interweave like a thick beautiful braid - Smooth, intense and layered. Together we become ‘The fourth culture - A Micro Nation’; a culture that comes alive through our cultural backgrounds, experiences and the condition of a new place, that gives rise to yet another perspective to our eyes. We aim to research the society as a mirror, how language came through human condition, behaviour and in that way create a work that contradicts societies were words like justice', 'equality', 'race', etc are eliminated, both in vocabulary and in action. Reinventing vocabulary through visual expression Mustafa becomes the act and Inga becomes the environment, using our practices as a reaction of how we view our own cultures in relation to each other. We are revolutionaries, in mind and action. The fourth culture is a condition put onto the public, where they are asked to perform a mental reading, we export and the public imports the information given to them, creating of it new understanding of meaning. To question what they see in society through themselves. An active unlearning will take place as we try not only to erase our personal tragedies and triumphs but also to relearn a new way of being, a new way of existing with ourselves and the other – and at the same time, letting the other come and exist with us, to exercise critical thought through a visually stimulating condition that is the fourth culture.

Kolbrún Inga Söring

Söring's role within the project resonates within the expression of a borderless attitude through a spacial experience, an experience that becomes both intrusive and influenced to and by the publics presence. Taking her way of looking at the subjects in question and transforming them both conceptually and visually into an overwhelming temporary existence. 


Click HERE for her website.

Mustafa Boğa


As Boğa covers himself from the public he initiates a boarder construction while at the same time a boarder deconstruction. He hides himself from the public so that their connotations on him do not influence them and their understanding. This has to do with both his origin, gender and sexuality. He hides himself from the public for the benefit of the concept, he hides the public from himself for the benefit of his own insecurities. He covers himself not only to refuse discrimination but rather to question it, his character becomes a critical reaction on society and is in fact questioning the public's connotation and associations with his ambiguous body and accessories.

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