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The Gatess

Performance/Installation (2017) Adana, Turkey


We associate pink with gender and sexuality. Pink is traditionally a girl's color and it is also associated with gay men - hence the pink triangle.


Can we change the perceived gender or sexuality of an object by painting it pink?


Does this gate become a gayt... or a gatess?


In eastern cultures, the title 'head of the house' passes from father to son after the father dies. The son would take over his position automatically to protect the family. Regardless of his age and knowledge, he becomes the provider. Mother and sisters would accept this position and respect the situation. This hierarchical situation is changing, but it still exists. At my father's funeral, I heard people telling me to stop crying, now that I was ‘the man of the house’. 


My attempt to change the identity of masculine objects comes from these sorts of stories. Changing the gate of our house from green to pink invites people to think about the norms in society. Why are we so afraid of femininity and its power?


After painting, I had an interesting conversation with relatives who asked the reason for the color choice since the gate is more visible than before. I showed them my work called ID and told them how I transferred mine from blue the pink. Also told them about my mum and her position in the house, how she has become the provider and protector.

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