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# 2953c1 When it is not spontaneous 

Year: 2018

Medium: Installation, Performance, Video, Brussels, Belgium

Video Duration: 3'00''

Hosted by Sagacity, "When it is not spontaneous" was the third collaborative installation with Kolbrún Inga Söring.


As the ‘ The Fourth Culture – a micro nation’ we attempt do dismantle problematic situations within our surroundings, our societies. In many places in the world a fierce nationalistic attitude has risen, the attitude comes across brutal to those of us who do not follow it. Looking into the nationalistic attitudes we discover that everyone has the necessity of being part of a group, of being part of a something that searches to define their/our existence. When ones nationality is the only thing they can refer to as a collective identity, what happens, then, when another crosses the boarder in an attempt to share the country wherein the national identity was constructed. When the unfamiliar becomes the reality within ones own community it can result in building mental barriers which often lead to categorisation and discrimination. When one latches onto a certain identity it is easy to become consumed by ones existence within that identity, eventually the identity becomes more of a necessary commodity than a desire. A dependent relationship that perhaps feels like a shelter but resonates more like a confinement. 

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